Lady cries out over attempt to cover up murder of her brother in Cyprus

A Nigerian lady has cried out over an attempt to cover up the alleged murder of her brother which occurred in Cyprus.

Identified on Twitter as @SadieB_, the lady stated that her brother would have clocked 26 on May 10 if not for an incident which claimed his life.

The lady also shared a message her brother sent to their mum in Nigeria which showed him begging to return home or else he might die.

She wrote: “You would’ve been 26 today. 7 months ago, my younger brother was murdered in Cyprus. They tried to push the story as a suicide but my mother insisted on bringing back his body’s She’s a lawyer so she PUSHED and with the help of her classmates, had them reopen the investigation.

“They published a story about him falling off a 7-story building. They thought we would let them bury him there but my mum insisted on bringing him back. As soon as she landed in Cyprus, their story began to change. They started saying they thought he was murdered,BLAH BLAH BLAH

“His body was transported back to Nigeria and he had NO BRUISE OR BROKEN BONES OR EVEN A BROKEN SKULL. He only had a hole in his head which he kept bleeding from even before being buried. Mind his body came back 6 days after he was murdered and there was still blood gushing out.

“Now how do you fall from a 7 story building and not have a single bruise? Well now that the ambassadors have been involved, the story has changed to a murder case. My mum’s classmates REFUSED to let it go and made sure they pushed it till it reached the authorities.

“My prayer is that those that murdered my brother, those that covered it up, those that know what exactly happened but hid it and kept all our family members in anguish, those that have been peddling lies, may Allah expose every single one of you.

“I don’t pray for you to experience what we did. But I pray the truth comes out to all. He was murdered, on a Friday, so in shaa Allah he’s good to go. We’re the ones that should be thinking about how our end will come. May Allah forgive us all and may He reunite us in Jannah.

“Few days before he was murdered he sent my mum this and she forwarded it to me. He knew what was coming, I’m sure he felt it. We’re the people of alhamdulillah so no if only’s. Allah knows best. Allah gafarta maka Khalil dina. In shaa Allah justice will be served”.

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