Kinsey Wolanski Instagram account deleted, moves to Twitter

Kinsey Wolanski Instagram account deleted kikiotolu

Kinsey Wolanski Instagram account has been deleted off the platform after it was hacked, just hours after it hit 2.5 million followers.

The model who invaded yesterday’s Champions League final between Liverpool and Tottenham saw her Instagram followers grows by over 2 million overnight.

The blonde ran across the Wanda Metropolitano pitch during the first half of the match and brought the game to a brief halt.

She had the phrase ‘Vitaly Uncensored’ written on the front of her bikini – a website set up by her YouTuber boyfriend Vitaly Zdorovetskiy.

Before her stunt at the Estadio Wanda Metropolitano, the 22-year-old had 230,000 followers

Well, it seems that streak seems to have come to an end as she has been kicked off the platform, as a recent check by KikioTolu News confirmed that. See evidence below;

Kinsey Wolanski Instagram account deleted, moves to Twitter kikiotolu

Taking to her Twitter page, Kinsey Wolanski confirmed she has been kicked off Instagram after gaining an extra two million followers following the match.

Speaking on the turn of events, Kinsey Wolanski, said;

“So I just finished my workout. So I made a Twitter and it only had one tweet as it did it for a friend for the show.

“I never used Twitter before but now I will because my Instagram got hacked.

“Its been a rollercoaster you guys. Its been crazy.”

Wolanski’s antics have proven valuable for Vitaly Uncensored, as it was estimated that the act will earn the brand around £3.5million in advertising revenue going forward.

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