Khafi reveals how she has been feeling since news of her brother’s death

Former BBNaija reality TV star. Khafi has revealed that she gets reminded every morning that her brother is no longer with her in this world.

Her brother, 20-year old Alexander was killed after suffering gunshot wounds to his chest and abdomen on Askew Road in Shepherd’s Bush at 12.40am on Monday.

According to detectives, a white Range Rover Evoque linked to the murder was later found burnt out three miles away. The police said they were yet to make any arrests.

He was walking home along Askew Road after a trip to a convenience store when someone opened fire on him. Khafi was in mourning last night with relatives. According to a friend: “His family is distraught. Alex wouldn’t talk down to anyone – he was friends with everybody.”

Tweeting for the first time since Alexander’s death, Khafi said: “The mornings are the worst. Each morning it hits again that he isn’t here anymore”.