Kenyan man jailed for making love in public park

Kenyan man jailed for making love in public park kikiotolu

A Kenyan man identified as Kanara Maina has been jailed for making love with his partner Joyce Wanjiku, at a public park in the country.

The court has slapped the middle-aged man with a fine of KSh 1,500 (5,325 Naira) or serve a jail term of one month for having sex in broad daylight at Uhuru Park (A 12.9 hectare recreational park adjacent to the central business district of Nairobi, Kenya).

According the ruling delivered by Magistrate Joseline Onga’yo on Wednesday, May 29 2019, the couple violated Nairobi county by-laws by publicly engaging in the raunchy business at a recreational area.

Kanara Maina pleaded guilty to the charges and asked the court to forgive him, while also promising not to repeat the offence.

The court went on to slam him with KSh 1,500 (5,325 Naira) or a jail term of one month. The two were arrested at the scene while still in action and released on a KSh 500 (1,775 Naira) bail each.

His female partner Joyce Wanjiku, however, absconded the court session.

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