Kcee sparks as troll says he’s waiting for the day E-money will expose how he gives him little change

Singer Kcee has sparked out in anger after a troll stated that he’s waiting for the day his rich brother E-money will expose how he gives him little change.

The troll must have stated this in reaction to revelations from some celebrities on how their colleagues whom they helped in the past are now ungrateful.

This was after Kcee took to social media to react to recent brouhaha from Cynthia Morgan and Jude Okoye about a deal gone wrong between them.

He shared: “The moment we make do with tribal sentiments, emotional sentiments, gender sentiments and embrace the culture of fact-finding, hopefully the world and Nigeria will be a better place but I honestly don’t see it happening any time soon.

“Record label is also a business venture like Mtn, Globacom, etc but the only difference is that we invest in human talents that grow up against our sole am of making a profit for both parties with the help of our sentimental customers tagging both sides evil based on their own.

“Artiste and record labels are more like husband and wife, the behaviour of both parties will definitely reflect on their children( the industry).

“The unfortunate side is that we don’t have a structure guiding the industry and the government is yet to do the needful just like every other sector.

“You all should stay tuned for more artiste and record label movies. E be things. Papa king!”.

In reaction, the troll wrote: “We dey wait for u na… How E-money dey use give u change”.

Kcee fired back at him: “You will always need food all the days f your life. Big fool”.