Is Sholaye Jeremi married? Here is all you need to know about Linda Ikeji Baby daddy

Is Sholaye Jeremi married Here is all you need to know about Linda Ikeji Baby daddy kikiotolu

Many people were left stunned yesterday, after Linda Ikeji revealed that Sholaye Jeremi is her baby daddy. Well, we don’t want to stop at that.

A lot of Nigerians want to know more about him, especially his marital status.

Who is Sholaye Jeremi?

Since the news broke, many people have been asking me. Is Sholaye Jeremi married? Who is he?

First of all, Linda Ikeji has been very secretive about her baby daddy, and we don’t know why.

There are various reasons for this;

Either they don’t want their private lives in public or something is actually fishy.

When she annouced she was pregnant back in May, a lot of us cleary noticed she mentioned nothing about her man.

We maybe though he had done another Ronaldo with a sperm donor.

Days later, rumours began to filter in that she was actually pregnant for one Sholaye Jeremi.

That name didn’t really ring a bell, and as no one had anything concrete about him, the who rumour was soon swept away.

Last night, the rumours proved to be true.

As a clearly excited Linda Ikeji took to her Instagram page to reveal the name of her son, she let the last name slip. And it was JEREMI.

So the rumours were true after all.

That has now taken us back to Kemi Olunoyo, who claimed back then that Sholaye Jeremi is actually married and that is why he doesn’t want to get into the mix.

See what she wrote about him few months back;

The blogger who dragged every celebrity is now being blogged. #lindaisnotpregnant
#RepostSave @naijagistlive2018 with @repostsaveapp ・・・ This two stupid old buffouns have been fucking since 2016 off and on. Both are desperate social climbers who understand what it means to do the needful to belong to the upper class. Sholaye was a ratchet model back in the UK and Linda also a local info girl that started her career modelling. So you see why I called them two overgrown buffouns. they are actually birds of the same feather but I can assure you they will never flock together. Sholaye is known for wanting to be seen with daughter of the rich, older successful women and the likes. He will drive his rolls Royce around town whenever he needs to prove a point. Yet he lives in a rented apartment in parkview ikoyi. Sholaye the pimp and house boy of Femi Otedola, Dangote, Musa Danjuma, Terry Wayas and more has no plans of marrying Aunty Linda. Linda thought she had found Prince charming. she left her brain in her banana island mansion which was bought by an Oil Magnate BP (if you know, You know ) and jumped into the hands of a man who is the typical definition of a cheap pie, so greasy and smooth at the top with all kinds of rubbish inside. as we speak right now, Linda has been begging Sholaye to save her the embarrassment contrary to her stupid epistles she has been writing these past days. LINDA IKEJI is actually shook to her bones, Her entire family especially her father has done everything to make Sholaye marry her and he blatantly said NO. Linda I am sorry to break the news to you, You are a rejected BABY MAMA just like all the other ones you have made fun off. Your struggling sister and her stupid husband can bearly feed themselves that is why the only work she can do is to the be family’s town crier. Kemi Olulonyo. aka madam KOO is not as Crazy as you think she has the juice and she will spoil appropriately watch out.

We all know how Kemi is so we are not taking this as 100% fact…..yet

Is Sholaye Jeremi Married?

This is actually possible, though nothing is concrete at the moment.

Sholaye Jeremi has been tagged as an Ikoyi bad boi in many reports, so it is unlikely he is married just yet.

Another report by Naijagist, has it that Sholaye Jeremi has gotten another woman pregnant, and she is yet to put to bed.

What seems most likely is their relationship stopping at the baby mama and baby daddy statge.

Here are some things you need to know about Sholaye Jeremi

  • He is Itsekiri from Delta State
  • He is a billionaire oil magnate
  • Sholaye Jeremi is an associate of the current Minister of State for Petroleum Ibe Kachikwu
  • He lives in Ikoyi, Lagos. (Same as Linda Ikeji)
  • Linda’s son Jayce might not Sholaye Jeremi’s first child as he is alleged to have another family outside Nigeria

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