Before insulting Donald Trump, ask yourself this questions

Before insulting Donald Trump, here are some questions I would like you to ask yourself.

Yes, it is true that Donald Trump is an intellectual, psychological and moral tramp. His is an extreme Christian right-wing and also has a bad attitude towards women.

Within a short period of time as President of America, Donald Trump has managed to insult nearly everyone possible. He has insulted his own compatriots, angered American allies, angered Muslims, and is on a brink of causing a nuclear war even.

Recently Donald Trump characterised African countries and Haiti as shithole countries, and this has sparked a lot of anger in Africa.

The hate for Trump has risen in Africa, that if you are not cautious you might mistaken his name for Donald Trash.

I feel before we continue our insults, let’s take some moments to examine ourselves, because it is possible, however, that Trump only gave voice to what the world thinks of Africa?

I have spoken with many foreigners and most of them don’t have a positive view of this continent, and I don’t think they are to blame.

Out of all the continents in the world, Africa has the smallest manufacturing base, we consume anything, and manufacture almost nothing. When you put into account that in Nigeria we import ordinary toothpicks, then you know something is wrong.

Africa’s share of global trade accounts to a meagre two per cent, while several reports show that the worst place to grow up in, especially for girls, is Africa.

This continent is way behind in scientific research and technological innovation, but ahead in corruption and starvation. Every now and then, images of starving Africans are beamed across the globe, with other continent trying to help.

Ethnic wars plague many regions on the continent. Many African countries are classified as failed or potential failed states. I think calling it a shithole is an understatement.

Have you traveled outside this continent before? If yes, you must have noticed the progress made over there, and how backward we really are.

The truth is Africa is more a less a laughing stock to the world, even though our hypocrisy would make us disagree.

The health sector in Africa, especially Nigeria is a disgrace, and we all try our best to avoid the hospital, knowing their incompetence can kill us faster than our ailment.

Did you see images of meningitis patients having to sleep on the bare floor in Zamfara? If you didn’t you can surf the web for it.

There is a social imbalance in Africa, which has further advanced our level of mediocrity. In Africa the wealthiest set of people are the politicians and those connected to them. If you fall out of that circle, you are most likely to be poor.

Why is it that African engineers and scientists perform to the highest standards in foreign countries, whereas at home their genius gets contaminated by the murky waters of chaotic mediocrity? Well, we cant blame them, since they have to drop their careers to scramble for political favours.

When I take a look at my country Nigeria for instance, all I see is a dystopian society. Which I can boldly call a shithole. The youths are so disoriented that we glorify internet fraudsters, and politicians who are ruining us.

Many of us are today protesting the statement made by Donald Trump, but how many Africans at home and in the Diaspora gather to protest our real life problems.

If women could yesterday gather in America to protest the views of Donald Trump against their gender, am sure we have billions of things to protest about here in Africa, but we won’t.

The AU in a bid to raise their stocks amongst the hypocritical Africans, demanded an apology from Donald Trump, as they tagged the shithole remark a great insult to their dignity.

The Federal Government of Nigeria even summoned the American Ambassador to the country, and many of us saw that as a bold move, even though the government have been so so shy of the killer Fulani Herdsmen.

Though the AU and Africans do not see it as a great insult to our dignity that thousands of Africans prefer to risk death in the seas rather than live hopeless lives in their countries?

Should we not abandon the perennial colonial discourse and instead urgently debate the conditions that have allowed a modern slave trade to thrive in Libya?

Hell no? Trump’s shithole remarks is more controversial than that.

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