INEC 2023 Election: Answers to Frequently Asked Questions

What is CVR?

CVR means Continuous Voter Registration. It is a continuous exercise that enables qualified Nigerian citizens to register to vote in elections.

Who can register during CVR?

A Nigerian that has attained the age of 18 since the last CVR exercise & who is not subject to any legal incapacity to vote under any law, rule or regulations in Nigeria. Citizens who registered before but whose names are not in the register of voters

Where can I register?

You will be able to register at the 774 Local Government Area (LGA) offices of INEC or at such location within the LGA as may be designated by the Commission.

When and at what time can I register?

You can register from 9.00am to 3.00pm each day, except weekends and public holidays. The CVR exercise will close 60 days to Election Day as announced by Commission.

How do I register?

You must appear in person at designated INEC registration centre in your LGA to register. Please conduct yourself in an orderly manner. A registration officer will assist you to check your registration status and advise you accordingly.

Do I need to produce any document before I am registered?

No you don’t ordinarily need not to produce any document. However, the Registration Officer may ask for proof if there is some doubt of your age or Nigerian Citizenship.

How many times can I register?

You can register only once and at a specifically designated registration centre. Only one registration will be valid if you register more than once. You will be liable to arrest and prosecution if it is discovered you register more than once.

What will happen after I register?

You will be issued with a temporary voter card (TVC) and asked to return on an appointed date to confirm your details on the preliminary voter register, which will be displayed at the registration centre.

Do I need to re-register if I have registered before?

No, you do not. However, if you have registered before & you were issued a TVC, but your name is not on the Voter Register due to sundry reasons, you can go for re-registration by presenting your TVC to the registration officer

You are advised to check your details to correct any error before the production of your Permanent Voter Card (PVC).

Do I need to re-register if my name, age, or any other information on my current PVC is not correct or has changed?

No, you do not. You should apply to the INEC LG office or designated registration centre where you registered to correct any mistake on your PVC.

Do I need to re-register if my card is lost or damaged?

No, you do not. You should apply to INEC for the replacement of your lost/damaged PVC at the INEC LGA office where you registered.

What will happen if I register more than once?

It is unlawful to register more than once.If you do, you will be committing an offence, liable on conviction to a fine of up to N100,000 or imprisonment for one year or both.

Can I register for my family members/friends?

No, you cannot. Registration by proxy is an offence and it is not allowed. Any person who intends to register as a voter must appear in person before the registration officer at a designated registration centre to register.

When will I get my PVC after I register?

You will get your PVC from the same registration centre where you registered at a stipulated time that will be announced by INEC.

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