Incredible!!! Swedish Side AIK Kick Another Ball On The Pitch To Stop 93rd Minute Counter Attack

Nothing else can shock me after this. Swedish side AIK have gone viral on social media after a clip of their incredible bit of “s***housery” surfaced online.

The Allsvenskan outfit were drawing 2-2 against Elfsborg and brought their goalkeeper up for a corner as they pushed for a late winner in the 93rd minute.

But when a goal kick was awarded from the set-piece, former Sunderland and Birmingham City midfielder Sebastian Larsson took it upon himself to cause chaos with the multi-ball system in play.

When the opposition goalkeeper quickly grabbed a second ball to get things underway, Larsson slyly brought the other ball onto the pitch.

Then, after the ‘keeper had fed his right winger on the counter attack, Larsson’s teammate trumped his gamesmanship by kicking the other ball not in use right in his direction.

It did work surely, as the spoils were shared!!!

Watch the incredible scenes below;

See some reactions below;

@Louthdog: Lads, you literally posted a video of a referee using a fucking HARMONICA instead of a whistle earlier on.

It’ll be a very long time before you post a better video than that.

@freds92: This is probably the worst thing I’ve seen all week

@piearce9: Surely the second guy who tries to pick him off with a long-range effort is the worst offender?

@Ormey88: I’ve watched this several times now and I’ve still got absolutely no idea what is happening Woozy face