Incredible Moment Referee Sends Player Off For Picking Him Up Like A Trophy In Wold Celebration

A rugby player was sent off on Friday evening for hoisting the referee high in the air while celebrating.

Beziers welcomed Nevers in a French Rugby Pro D2 clash, with Nevers leading 30-25 in the dying moments.

A refereeing decision went their way and in pure excitement, Josaia Raisuqe danced around and lifted official Laurent Millotte high in the air.

Millotte wasn’t expecting it at all and could be seen kicking and flailing his legs in fair.

He clearly didn’t see the funny side after coming back down to earth, taking a few seconds to regain his compsure.

What followed was a straight red card for Fijian winger Raisuqe, who looked bewildered at the decision.

Fans have reacted to the incident and they think it could be the funniest red card they’ve seen in any sport.

But not everyone appreciated the celebration.

Nevers coach Xavier Pemeja told Canal+ television per France24: “It’s intolerable. He’ll be punished by the league’s disciplinary committee.”

“I’ll deal with him. I can’t accept it. What happened at the end there it’s going to be very bad.”

The 26-year-old will now be suspended for his action.