Idris sentenced to 14 years in prison for raping a 4 year old girl | Details

Idris Ebiloma, the man who raped 4-year-old Khloe in Abuja, was on Wednesday, May 13, 2020, sentenced to 14 years in prison. The story of Khloe and how she was raped through the vagina and anus went viral after actress Rita Dominic took to Instagram to write about it, thereby prompting the hashtag #JusticeForKhloe.

She revealed how Ebiloma, who was 28 at the time, raped little Khloe, who was 4 years and 3 months old, on the 31st of August 2016. According to Ms Dominic’s report on July 2019, Idris was working as a cook for the victim’s parents in Asokoro, Abuja, when he defiled her. She added that when Khloe’s mother reported the case to the police, she was compelled to drop charges, however, she refused and continued to pursue the case.

Rita said the mother faced a lot of challenges from the police prosecutor, Mr John I. who refused to tender all the evidences in court. She added that the victim’s mother was frustrated by how the Nigeria Police FCT Command was handling the matter. Rita’s narration angered a lot of people and they called for justice using their social media platforms.

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