I allowed area boys to beat my abusive husband after he stole my N180k, did I go too far? (See full gist)

A married woman has shared the story of the drama which takes place in her family as she suffers abuse in the hands of her husband.

The woman revealed that her husband got sacked two years after they got married and since then, he has been lazing about.

The couple have five kids from their marriage and she is the one who feeds all of them out of the roasted bole (plantain) business she operates.

According to her, the man abuses her both physically and verbally and sometimes he just goes away for a few days to the extent that she has to call people to plead with him to return.

The wife who said she also sells akara at night, revealed that on one particular night, she prepared moi moi and offered it to him but he rejected it, saying that he wants swallow with egusi soup, however she refused to give him what he wants because she was tired from the day’s job.

He then went to sleep hungry, when the woman woke up she prepared food and left for work only to return and se that he did not eat the food.

However, days after he disappeared without telling his family of his whereabouts, the woman went to check her savings box and saw that he took about N180,000 she’s been saving.

She somehow tracked him to one of his favourite spots and accosted him, when people asked what happened, she explained and some area boys pounced on him but she did not try plead on his behalf.

He eventually reported her to both his family and hers and they gave her 4 days ultimatum to apologise or they will handle the issue their own way.

The woman who was confused on whether what she did was wrong, asked for peoples opinion on the matter.

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