How Chris Attoh’s wife was killed

How Chris Attoh’s wife was killed kikiotolu

An eyewitness has narrated how Chris Attoh’s wife, Bettie Jenifer, was killed by an unknown assailant on May 10, 2019 around 5:00 PM.

According to the eyewitness who spoke with NBC Washington, Bettie Jenifer closed from her office in the 6300 blocks of Ivy Lane and was walking towards her car when a stout black man with a black hair, wearing a dark shirt and pants emerged from another building holding a gun and walked towards her.

Feared for her life, Bettie sped off towards the car park, she ran the entire car park and the gunman kept shooting at her. Unfortunately, one of the bullets hit her and she fell down.

The gunman ran into a blue saloon car and fled the scene.

The police have already launched investigations and they have assured they will apprehend the killer base on the numerous witnesses who saw everything that went down.

Chris and Bettie got married in October 2018 at Dansoman, a suburb in an Accra in a very private wedding after Chris Attoh divorced his Nigerian wife.

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