House-help caught poisoning her madam’s drink with an insecticide| Video

Video of a Nigerian house-help who was caught trying to poison her madam’s drink with an insecticide has surfaced on the internet.

In the video, the house-help was seen kneeling down and crying while her madam interrogated her on why she attempted to poison her drink.

Watch the video below;

See how Nigerians are reacting to this;

ndyswit wrote “No matter how you treat this people if they. Are bad there is nothing you can do to satisfy them speaking form experience, it’s only God that can protect us”

reytta_ wrote “Treat them good or bad doesn’t change the fact that the heart of man is very wicked who can know it?!!!!!”

folickskincare wrote “Hnmmmm I don’t even know what to say. I sincerely don’t subscribe to getting house helps. I’ll rather just get people that can get the job done and leave same day.”

ray_ellis_ wrote “Some people will say because they didn’t treat her well . See some no matter how nicely they are treated will still pay u with evil .God should just be guiding and protecting us from evil people”

jizlefashionworld wrote “Honestly from my experience this people just have wickedness in them, if you are good they will steal from you if you are not good they will kill you . Just pray that the holy spirit will guide you to the right ones that is if your intention towards is also good”

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