Guy with amputated leg inspires a lot of people with his job (Photos & Video)

People with physical disabilities are often discriminated by the people around them. They are also being underestimated when it comes to their skill in trying to get a certain job done. However, there are also people who prove that this notion is not true and therefore should not be continued.

Just like what this disabled man showed that inspired many people.

In a video that has made quite an impact on social media, two men were first seen standing on the edge of a truck full of bags of cement. At a glance, one can see that the two men were working on carrying the sacks of cement from the truck to a nearby storage area.

As the video progressed, it was revealed that the man wearing black shorts had one of his legs amputated and thus is required to use a walking stick so he can walk on his own. As a sack was put on his shoulders, it can be seen that he was having a hard time in retrieving his walking stick.

After several more tries, he finally succeeded and continued on to deliver the sack of cement to the storage room.

Many netizens were touched and inspired by his brave effort to still work hard no matter how hard the situation is especially in his state. Its a shame that there are other people with complete body parts who just choose to be lazy.

This man’s story should serve as an inspiration to everyone that they can surely reap something out of their hardwork. It may not be something grand but it will all be worth it in the end.

Were you inspired by his plight too? Go and watch the full clip here:

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