Ghana Immigration Service (GIS) Ranks and Salary Structure 2018

Here is the Ghana Immigration Service ranks (Junior & Senior Ranks) and Salary Structure 2018. This Fabinfos post is set to help everyone in Ghana to know more about the Ghana immigration service.

Ranks of the Ghana Immigration Service (GIS)

  • Comptroller-General of Immigration
  • Deputy Comptroller-General of Immigration
  • Commissioner of Immigration
  • Deputy Commissioner of Immigration
  • Assistant Commissioner of Immigration
  • Chief Superintendent of Immigration
  • Superintendent of Immigration
  • Deputy Superintendent of Immigration
  • Assistant Superintendent of Immigration
  • Inspector
  • Assistant Inspector
  • Immigration Control Officer
  • Assistant Immigration Control Officer I
  • Assistant Immigration Control Officer II

Salary Structure of Ghana Immigration Service (GIS)

The Ghana Immigration Service salary structure is paid according to the ranks in the service. So whatever your rank is, would determine how much you are going to be paid.

This means a graduate in the Ghanna Immigration Service is expected to earn more salary than an immigration officer with O-level result. By the time you read this post to the end, you are going to know more about GIS salary scale.

Salaries in ¢ (GHS) Average, Min, Max
Immigration Officer – Monthly
1 employee salary or estimate
About ¢239 – ¢258 monthly

There you have it on this post “Ghana Immigration Service (GIS) Ranks and Salary Structure 2018.” I hope you found this helpful.

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