If you are active on the internet in Nigeria and not one of those stuck on social media, but also take your time to surf the world wide web, then you must have stumbled upon Naijaloaded.com (either on purpose or by accident).

This site is one of the most popular and biggest web pages in Nigeria today, and even bigger than Linda Ikejis Blog. Yeah, Naijaloaded is that big. According to renowned web rankers, Alexa, Naija loaded is the #21 website in Nigeria, and the 7th largest indegineous site.

That is really big, and am sure you must agree with me that the brain behind this webpage has surely made millions off it.

The internet today is the new gold, and many young Nigerians are seeing this big opportunity and jumping on the train.

Well, this post is about the founder of Naijaloaded, so am not going to derail it and talk you through how you can make millions of the internet.

Who is the brain behind Naijaloaded.com?

This is one of the easiest question to answer on the internet today. The owner of Naijaloaded is Makinde Azeez, also known as Mankind. This young man delved into the blogosphere in the year 2009 ans has gone on to rake in a fortune from this top site, which most Nigerians love.

How did Naijaloaded.com begin?

Naijaloaded was Started in October 2009 by Makinde a.k.a Mankind, At age 20.

Naijaloaded.com is known for it’s music, news and gossip posts, and it was previously an online forum, but today a blog. The switch seems to have worked wonders as the blog now ranks far better than it did in the past.

Who is Makinde Azeez? – 2019 biography

There are usually many questions as regards who Makinde Azeez is, many need his biography, net worth and lots more.

We are going to start with the biography.

Makinde Azeez was born on the 10th of December 1989. Just as I said earlier, he is also known as Mankind. This young man who is just 26yrs old, is a Nigerian internet entrepreneur and blogger, who was born in South-western region of Nigeria.

In the year 2012, Makinde Azeez a.k.a Mankind was ranked among the top ten Nigerian bloggers by Rank.ng, although he was ranked 10th on that list. Today is sure to be a different story, has his stakes has risen in the industry since then.

Now let’s give you Makinde Azeez Net Worth.

Given the rank and status of Naijaloaded, am so sure you don’t expect him to worth anything less than billions of Naira.

According to a report by, Moss9ja, Makinde Azeez is worth $800,000 (that is equivalent to N264,000,000 with an exchange rate of 1 USD = 330 NGN).

That is a whole lot of money, and it is well deserved.

So, is Makinde Azeez another drop-out?

It is true many internet entrepreneurs had to drop-out to focus fully on their career. It workd for a whole lot of people, though might not be the best path for you.

So talking about Makinde Azeez, he gained admission for a national diploma program in Computer Science at the Lagos State Polytechnic, but Naijaloaded clashed with this and he had to drop-out in the year 2010.

Hey, don’t be jubilant yet that you just found yet another drop-out millionaire. Makinde Azeez did go back to school (just like Mark Zuckerberg). He gained admission into the Osun State University to study Physics, and he wrapped that up in the year 2016, so he gat a BSc.

Is Makinde Azeez single?

This is sure to a spoiler alert to ladies thinking they still got a chance to tie the knot with this internet millioniare.

Makinde Azeez is married. He got married to his long-term girlfriend, Mujidat Omokehinde on the 14th of May 2017. And not to long did they add a new born to the new family. As on the 11th of July 2017, he announced the news of the new born.

What is Makinde Azeez secret to success?

Am sure you must have stumbled upon this popular quote by this internet millioniare, well if you haven’t here it is;

I grew my business from earning $1000 to $45, 000 monthly

The big question on most peoples mind is, how did it go about that. I know you no slouch, and want to know how you can make it big.

Well, sometimes last year, 25th of June 2016 to be precise, Makinde Azeez dropped the big secret of his success. He said;

Consistency is what has taken us to where we are today, Naijaloaded has over 96 per cent of its views on direct visit. This shows how vision driven we are

So you want to be like him someday? Then you need to be consistent and focused.

See more photos of Makinde Azeez below;



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