Four Things You Should Never Do In Lagos State

Planning to visit Lagos? Here are top four things you should never do in the Lagos State.

1. Never ever give strangers audience…this is for your own good. Please, when someone you don’t know walks up to you and tries to start a conversation with, walk away or totally ignore.

2. Never go to market with all your money in one place. This will advice particularly come in handy for females who regularly visit the market. Cashless transactions aren’t common in thrift markets so you have to deal with carrying money around. I know someone who would split her money into different places (purse, socks, bra… Lol) before going shopping. So if one part got missing, the others remained intact. Absurd, but could save you tears and worries anytime.

3. When a fight breaks out in a place, leave, its no TV show. You never know. The police could come and arrest everybody and put them in prison whether they’re at fault or not. Or, they could start breaking bottles or shooting each other. It might even all be staged, and can be used as an opportunity to rob you.

4. If you’re in public transport, keep your phones or gadgets unless you’re sure you’re extremely safe. I am usually very careful about using my phone when I’m in a public transport. I can’t deal with the trauma of having my phone snatched or being robbed. If you’re in a personal car, do well to wind up always when driving, especially when in a stand-still traffic.

So, what are the things a person should never do in Lagos that I have not highlighted? Please use the comments box.

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