Five Important Things You Shouldn’t Buy In Lagos traffic

If you are a newbie in Lagos, or a JJC, you don’t want to fall victim to unscrupulous traffic hawkers who go about swindling unsuspecting buyers every day . Here are five things you shouldn’t buy in Lagos traffic.
1. Phones
The stories you hear about actually paying for a phone in traffic and then finding out that you bought a bar of soap or a fake contraption is not limited to computer village alone.
In fact, it’s a known fact that the most expensive phones and gadgets are sold at giveaway prices in Lagos traffic. Don’t be surprised if a seller dangles an iPhone X to your face in traffic for a paltry sum of N50, 000. Before, you are tempted to buy it, think twice about the fact that it may be a stolen phone or a phone programmed to work for just 30 minutes. Who knows you may just be buying your phone, which was snatched in Lagos traffic!
2. Dogs/Puppies
You do not know the type of diseases these dogs are exposed to so you can’t trust the seller. For many buyers, the breed of the dog is the attraction. And the sellers know this. This is why they take advantage of their gullibility by selling fake breeds of puppies at very mouth-watering prices. By the time you get to your veterinary doctor, you will be shocked to hear that the dog you just purchased for N30, 000 in Lagos traffic isn’t an Alsatian or even a crossbreed. So you cant trust a dog seller in traffic.
3. Recharge Cards
Buying call units in traffic calls for extra caution. By the time you are done punching the digits the trader is gone and there is absolutely nothing you can do if it doesn’t work. Besides, there have been numerous reports of recharge card vendors selling fake units in traffic. If you can totally avoid buying recharge cards in traffic please do else thread with caution and buy at your own risk.
4. Aux cords/ Ear phones/power bank/ car & phone chargers
Except you are in dire need of a charger, power bank or aux cord to power your phone or gadget do not risk it. But if you do buy it, bear in mind that you might just be buying a substandard product that may end up causing more harm than good to your device. The downside of buying these items in traffic is the fact that there is no after sale service, warranty and you almost can’t identify the seller a second time. You also can’t check its authenticity so don’t go trusting the seller. And if you are lucky to spot him in traffic again, you have absolutely no proof to nail him.
5. Some food items
Now, this category is quite tricky because the food items are the fastest moving goods in traffic. So many people have bought rotten boiled eggs, rotten pastries, walnuts etc in traffic. If you must buy canned drinks, water, biscuits etc in traffic always check for the expiry date. It is so important. As usual do thread with caution, because the guy attending to you could be a potential armed robber or kidnapper.

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