Fayose’s Failed Showmanship at Ekiti State House of Assembly

Sequel to the summon of former governor of Ekiti State, Ayodele Fayose by the State House of Assembly some infractions that occourred during his regime especially as it concerns Local Government Funds, the controversial politician stormed the House Complex unannounced.

This unceremonious act by Fayose has been described as an act of showmanship and totally out of place by the Speaker of the House, Hon. Funminiyi Afuye.

Confirming the meeting that was held to pass the resolution including the invitation of the erstwhile governor, Hon. Afuye said that;

“It is a fact that in the hallow chamber of Ekiti State House of Assembly yesterday, some resolutions including the invitation of former Governor of the state, Ayodele Fayose to the House with a view to explaining some of the infractions that befell his regime especially as it concerns the Local Government Funds. Resolutions were duly passed thereafter.

“However, yesterday evening, on my way to Ikere-Ekiti, I received a call from Fayose confirming his invitation to the House. I was very resolute and firm in my response to his call,” he said.

Just this afternoon, Fayose and his retinue barged into the Assembly complex unannounced and headed for the Speaker’s office.
“Understanding he is a former governor of the state, myself and the Assembly members on ground accord the Office he once occupied the due respect and ushered him into my office.

“This inappropriate act caused uproar in the complex as members of staff panicked upon his vicious arrival. One of his officials (‘Lere Olayinka) attempted taking pictures of the meeting but I had to caution him on his actions,” he explained.

Fayose explained his unannounced visit to the House was to confirm his invitation and the Speaker responded in plain terms that the summon was indeed accurate adding that there is a process for an invitation or summon and that Fayose must respect protocol.

“We only passed the resolution yesterday and we are very sure the bureaucracy saddled with such responsibility is working on how and when to serve him the letter explaining the date, time and venue of summon.

“His visit to the House is off the mark but the thrust of the matter is that we keep our eyes on the ball as we are not bothered about any form of showmanship,” he said.

Reassuring the people of Ekiti State to keep their faith in the House of Assembly, Hon. Afuye said the House will continue to uphold the mandate entrusted in them to perform due legislation for the good of the state.

“We want to assure the people of Ekiti that the resolution passed in the hallow chamber yesterday is taken with all seriousness understanding that we are in a system of rule of law and as the legislative arm of government, we will continue to perform our constitutional role of oversight function, investigation and scrutiny of the activities of the immediate past government knowing that governance is a continuum and time does not run against the state,” he affirmed.