Fans slam popular pastors, call on Prophet Odumeje to hold mouthwatering crusade in Lagos

Fans of controversial Prophet Odumeje have urged him to hold a mouthwatering crusade in Lagos once the lockdown order which affects inter-state travel in Nigeria is over.

Prophet Odumeje who is based in Anambra State is popular for viral videos which show him displaying what many consider to be a far representation of Christianity – a comic relief.

However, one die-hard fan of his took to social media with pictures of popular pastors whom he described as Yahoo men. According to him, such a description fits them if people don’t want to consider Prophet Odumeje to be a Christian.

Kene Nnewi tweeted: “ODUMEJE is not a Christian pastor abi? no problem…we accept him as odinani pastor. BUT this yahoo men here na wetin? Christian pastor abi? All na same hustle..different packaging. Once lockdown is over Odumeje must host mouth watering crusade in Lagos. Make e pain una”.

@Idigwu reacted: “Our people attending Yoruba churches must have a rethink! These churches , like many others, are banks for their individual owners. If you  must give your money away, it should be given to a church owned by our brothers”.

@collinsohiri14 wrote: “I so much respect Adeboye even if I dont agree with him all the time. But U see the other one in white suit?”

Afamdi24 had a different opinion: “Odumeje should mind his business and stop talking rubbish of our traditions Yoruba pastors are here before but they never talk rubbish of their traditions nor challenge their traditioners. this is his problem”

AnambraNakpotu wrote: “We simply love Odumeje. If you’re pastor is a ‘Christian pastor’ good for you. But shebi you go allow us like our own Odumeje? Pls allow us abeg. We like the dude everything abt him included”