Enjoy Airtel 4.5GB Data Plan For Just N1000 Only

​​Airtel NG is here with a pleasant data plan for all Youtube lovers; dubbedYouTube Plus Pack. These are standard data plans that give FREE access to YouTube at night, and also to other websites (any time).

With this plan, you get your normal Android data to browse and download on any website at anytime, plus free YouTube data separately; to stream your favourite video content at night—between 1am to 5am.

Airtel Youtube Plus Pack Data Plans And Categories

*.YouTube Plus 1.0 – N1000:(Android 1.5gb data + Free Night YouTube Browsing)
*.YouTube Plus 2.0 – N2000:(Android 3.5gb data + Free Night YouTube Browsing)
*.YouTube Plus 2.5 – N2500:(Android 5gb data + Free Night YouTube Browsing)
*.YouTube Plus 3.0 – N3500:(Android 7gb data + Free Night YouTube Browsing)
*.YouTube Plus 4.0 – N4000:(Android 9gb data + Free Night YouTube Browsing)

Airtel Youtube Pack is more like having a normal Android Subscription, and also a YouTube subscription. So when you stream, only the YouTube data will be deducted, while normal Android data is removed for other usage.

How To Activate Airtel N1000 For 4.5GB (Normal Data + YouTube)

Once you subscribe to this plan, you will receive 1.5GB + 3GB data; all for N1000. The 1.5GB can browse any site at any time, while the 3GB works only on Youtube at 1am to 5am.Dial *323*31# to activate. Validity is 30 days.

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