EKSU Cut Off Mark 2019/2020 Courses [JAMB & Post UTME]

If you are an aspirant interested in knowing EKSU Cut Off Mark For All Courses [JAMB & Post UTME] 2019, this KikioTolu article will give you all the relevant information.

EKSU Cut Off Mark 2019 Courses [JAMB & Post UTME] kikiotolu

The Ekiti State University (EKSU) was established as Obafemi Awolowo University, Ado-Ekiti on 30 March 1982, it is a stated owned university.

EKSU is the only university in Nigeria that has within a quarter of a century had its name changed four times. The name was changed to Ondo State University in 1985, University of Ado-Ekiti in November 1999, and to its present name Ekiti State University of Ado Ekiti in September 2011.

This university is not one of the easiest to get admission into in Nigeria, though their cut off marks are not too high.

In this KikioTolu News post, we are going to give you all you need to know about the admission process into this institution.

Ekiti State University (EKSU) Admission Requirements 2019/2020

Ekiti State University (EKSU) Admission Requirements 2019 2020 kikiotolu

It is important you know the admission requirements of EKSU before we proceed to the cut off marks. Check them below:

  • Candidates are required to score up to the minimum cut off mark of Ekiti State University as fixed by JAMB.
  • Candidates must have a minimum of Five O’Level credit in Mathematics and English language and other relevant subjects as it relates to course of study.
  • Candidates must be able to provide the original copy of their JAMB result slip.
  • Candidates must be able to provide original documents which includes ‘O’ level certificates.
  • Candidates must be able to provide the original copy of their birth certificate and your secondary school Testimonial (optional).

EKSU Cut Off Mark 2019/2020 For JAMB

EKSU Cut Off Mark 2019 2020 For JAMB kikiotolu

Many people find this a bit confusing. The JAMB cut off mark is a set benchmark and different from Departmental cut off scores.

It is not everyone that knows the meaning of cut off mark. Most of aspirants ask this question ( what is the meaning of cut off mark). Cut off mark is an agreed score set by a particular institution as a basics of admitting students into the department of study.

The general Eksu cut off mark Is 180, this mean when you sore above 180 you will stand the chance of getting admission.  Those that scored 270, 290, 300. will have the chance of coming out in the first list, because no university will admit students that score 180 first when their is student that scored above.

Kindly be informed that despite candidates scoring above EKSU minimum required JAMB Cut Off Mark for does not in any way guarantee you an automatic admission into the University, until a successful internal screening exercise carried out on all candidates.
If candidate(s) is or are successful in the internal screening exercise then they are automatically granted admission to study the course of their choice.

EKSU Departmental Cut Off Mark For All Courses

EKSU Departmental Cut Off Mark For All Courses kikiotolu

Below is the table of all the courses offered by EKSU and their Cut Off score attached to them:

Accounting250 and above
Banking & Finance240 and above
Business Administration240 and above
Agriculture230 and above
Agricultural Economics and Extension Services230 and above
Fisheries and Aquaculture Management230 and above
Animal Production And Health Services230 and above
Crop Soil And Environmental Science230 and above
Forestry Wildlife And Fisheries230 and above
Hospitality And Tourism220 and above
Arabic And Islamic Studies180 and above
Christian Religious Knowledge/Studies200 and above
English And Literary Studies220 and above
French220 and above
History And International Studies230 and above
Linguistics220 and above
Philosophy200 and above
Religious Studies200 and above
Theatre Arts22 and above
Yoruba180 and above
Anatomy250 and above
Biochemistry250 and above
Pathology (Morbid Anatomy), and Physiology250 and above
Epidemiology and Community Health250 and above
Medicine260 and above
Obstetrics and Gynecology and Surgery.260 and above
Adult Education220 and above
Agricultural Science And Education220 and above
Business Education200 and above
Curriculum Studies200 and above
Education & Accountancy220 and above
Education & Christian Religious Studies200 and above
Education & Computer Science240 and above
Education & Economics240 and above
Education & Electrical/Electronics Technology240 and above
Education & Mathematics2300 and above
Education & Mechanical & Auto Mechanical Technology220 and above
Education & Physics220 and above
Education & Yoruba220 and above
Education And Biology230 and above
Education And Chemistry240 and above
Education And English Language230 and above
Education And French200 and above
Education And Geography220 and above
Education And History220 and above
Education And Integrated Science200 and above
Education And Political Science200 and above
Education And Science220 and above
Education And Social Studies200 and above
Education Foundations And Management200 and above
Educational Management200 and above
Guidance & Counseling200 and above
Human Kinetics And Health Education200 and above
Industrial Technical Education230 and above
Mathematics /Statistics Education220 and above
Nursery And Primary Education200 and above
Physical And Health Education200 and above
Technical Education200 and above
Vocational And Technical Education230 and above
Civil Engineering250 and above
Computer Engineering250 and above
Electrical /Electronics Engineering250 and above
Environmental Management230 and above
Mechanical Engineering250 and above
Law250 and above
Economics240 and above
Geography220 and above
Geography And Planning Science230 and above
Political Science220 and above
Psychology200 and above
Sociology200 and above
Biochemistry240 and above
Biological Science(S)220 and above
Chemistry230 and above
Computer Science230 and above
Geology230 and above
Geophysics230 and above
Industrial Chemistry230 and above
Industrial Mathematics230 and above
Mathematics230 and above
Microbiology230 and above
Physics230 and above
Plant Science And Forestry230 and above
Pure Chemistry230 and above
Science Laboratory Technology220 and above
Statistics230 and above
Zoology230 and above

Important Thing You Need To Know About EKSU School Fees 2019

To help you know more about the Ekiti State University, we have drafted the complete school fees for you. Below is the full EKSU school fees 2019/2020.

Please note that upon payment of EKSU School fees, an acceptance fee of 57,000 Naira must be paid by all newly admitted candidates before school fees and other fees are paid.


100 L200 L300 L400 L500/600L
Faculty of Administration
Banking And Finance171,00061,50056,00056,00056,000
Business Administration171,00061,50056,00056,00056,000
Faculty of Agriculture
Agricultural Economics and Extension Services17,00061,50056,00056,00056,000
Fisheries and Aquaculture Management170,00061,50056,00056,00056,000
Animal Production And Health Services170,00061,50056,00056,00056,000
Crop Soil And Environmental Science170,00061,50056,00056,00056,000
Forestry Wildlife And Fisheries170,00061,50056,00056,00056,000
Hospitality And Tourism170,00061,50056,00056,00056,000
Arts And Humanities
Arabic And Islamic Studies170,00061,50056,00056,00056,000
Christian Religious Knowledge/Studies170,00061,50056,00056,00056,000
English And Literary Studies170,00061,50056,00056,00056,000
History And International Studies170,00061,50056,00056,00056,000
Religious Studies170,00061,50056,00056,00056,000
Theatre Arts170,00061,50056,00056,00056,000
College of Medicine
A) Faculty of Basic and Allied Medicine
Pathology (Morbid Anatomy), and Physiology170,00061,50056,00056,00056,000
Faculty of Clinical Sciences
Epidemiology and Community Health170,00061,50056,00056,00056,000
Obstetrics and Gynecology and Surgery.170,00061,50056,00056,00056,000
Adult Education170,00061,50056,00056,00056,000
Agricultural Science And Education170,00061,50056,00056,00056,000
Business Education170,00061,50056,00056,00056,000
Curriculum Studies170,00061,50056,00056,00056,000
Education & Accountancy170,00061,50056,00056,00056,000
Education & Christian Religious Studies170,00061,50056,00056,00056,000
Education & Computer Science170,00061,50056,00056,00056,000
Education & Economics170,00061,50056,00056,00056,000
Education & Electrical/Electronics Technology170,00061,50056,00056,00056,000
Education & Mathematics170,00061,50056,00056,00056,000
Education & Mechanical & Auto Mechanical Technolog170,00061,50056,00056,00056,000
Education & Physics170,00061,50056,00056,00056,000
Education & Yoruba170,00061,50056,00056,00056,000
Education And Biology170,00061,50056,00056,00056,000
Education And Chemistry170,00061,50056,00056,00056,000
Education And English Language170,00061,50056,00056,00056,000
Education And French170,00061,50056,00056,00056,000
Education And Geography170,00061,50056,00056,00056,000
Education And History170,00061,50056,00056,00056,000
Education And Integrated Science170,00061,50056,00056,00056,000
Education And Political Science170,00061,50056,00056,00056,000
Education And Science170,00061,50056,00056,00056,000
Education And Social Studies170,00061,50056,00056,00056,000
Education Foundations And Management170,00061,50056,00056,00056,000
Educational Management170,00061,50056,00056,00056,000
Educational Management & Planning170,00061,50056,00056,00056,000
Guidance & Counseling170,00061,50056,00056,00056,000
Human Kinetics And Health Education170,00061,50056,00056,00056,000
Industrial Technical Education170,00061,50056,00056,00056,000
Mathematics /Statistics Education170,00061,50056,00056,00056,000
Nursery And Primary Education170,00061,50056,00056,00056,000
Physical And Health Education170,00061,50056,00056,00056,000
Technical Education170,00061,50056,00056,00056,000
Vocational And Technical Education170,00061,50056,00056,00056,000
Banking And Finance170,00061,50056,00056,00056,000
Civil Engineering170,00061,50056,00056,00056,000
Computer Engineering170,00061,50056,00056,00056,000
Electrical /Electronics Engineering170,00061,50056,00056,00056,000
Environmental Management170,00061,50056,00056,00056,000
Mechanical Engineering170,00061,50056,00056,00056,000
Law/Legal Studies
Social Sciences
Geography And Planning Science170,00061,50056,00056,00056,000
Political Science170,00061,50056,00056,00056,000
Biological Science(S)170,00061,50056,00056,00056,000
Computer Science170,00061,50056,00056,00056,000
Industrial Chemistry170,00061,50056,00056,00056,000
Industrial Mathematics170,00061,50056,00056,00056,000
Plant Science And Forestry170,00061,50056,00056,00056,000
Pure Chemistry170,00061,50056,00056,00056,000
Science Laboratory Technology170,00061,50056,00056,00056,000

There you have it on this post “EKSU Cut Off Mark 2019/2020 Courses [JAMB & Post UTME].” I hope you found this piece helpful.

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