The leadership of Ekiti Youths has called for the immediate suspension of all forms of protest in Ekiti State for the meantime to ensure f or proper deliberations and coordination.

In a press statement jointly released by the office of the Chairman National Youth Council of Nigeria, Ekiti State, the Speaker Ekiti State Youth Parliament and Convener, Ekiti Youth Agenda including the leaders of different youths organizations, they condemned the spate of violence against youths, killing of youths and wanton destruction of properties across the nation and called for calm.

In their words, “we commiserate with the families of those who lost their loved ones and prayed for quick recovery of those that sustained different degree of injuries”. Ekiti youths have expressed their minds on the need for immediate police reforms, adjustment of unfavourable policies, infrastructral development and how they are being governed among other numerous demands.

The above well documented requests should be maturely and decently communicated without crisis or causing mayhem in the state. Without equivocation, the youths will continue engaging government and policy makers until a better Nigeria is achieved with equity and better life for all.

“We sincerely appeal to those blocking the roads not to embark on such anymore but maturely air their views without making live miserable for other persons so as not to further exacerbate already degenerating situation. If doctors, for instance, are stopped from attending to injured victims or sick people, what then happens?
Do not engage in destroying properties or monuments, but kindly channel your complains through us so that we table it in front of the Judicial Panel of enquiry. We have resolved to ensure that every injustice is brought to book”. We also appeal that youth in Ekiti verify video and pictures making rounds on the social media before sharing as there are many fake news and unconnected video out there to further divide us as a nation.

They appealed to the Governor of Ekiti State to call to order the military men harassing youths and other residents, as this can fan the embers of violence and cause reprisals. “Let us make our democracy work for all”, they stated.

God Bless Ekiti Youth!
God Bless Ekiti State!
God Bless Nigeria!

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