The Bible is based on lies and deceit – Dr Obadele Kambo

The Bible is based on lies and deceit – Dr Obadele Kambo kikiotolu

Dr. Obadele Kambo has referred to the Bible as a false book wholly based on plagiarized texts, lies and deceit.

The lecturer in the African Studies Department at the University of Ghana, made these claims on Xlive Africa online radio’s ‘Good morning Africa’ show some times back, but we just stumbled upon it and found it worth sharing.

Dr. Obadele Kambo argued that some biblical concepts, doctrines and text were copied from the ‘Egyptian pyramid text’, ‘the coffin texts’, ‘Egyptian book of coming forth by day’ and the ‘instruction of Amenemope’. He said;

“We can still go and read it carved in stones, Over 5,000 years ago, there’s a depiction of the Immaculate Conception in the temple of Seti I, also Imhotep overseeing the birth of the “savior” in temples in Kemmet (Egypt).

The adulteration of the real story was during the Hyksos (people of mixed race from Europe and Asia) invasion of Egypt in 1700 BC.”

While speaking further Dr Kambon quoted some certain scriptures from the Bible, which he claimed are renditions of ancient Egyptian thoughts and works.

He encouraged Africans to move away from believing what he describes as fairy tales and beliefs to deal with historical documentation only.

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