Download WanaKiwi.exe file here to fix WannaCry ransomware infected PCs


Here is the right page to download WanaKiwi / WanaKey .exe file for free on your PC so as to fix and decrypt the WannaCry ransomeware infected PC.

If you are one of the over 300k in over 150 countries affected by the ransomeware called WannaCry, here is a very useful to that can help you fix this problem.

What is WannaCry

Who named this cryptoworm? The person must be a realy sicko. WannaCry ransomware cryptoworm encrypts data and demands ransom payments from the infected computers in the Bitcoincryptocurrency. After you pay, you get a key to unlock your PC files once again. Thats real dubious, huh?

Well, you have not much to worry about as security experts released a decryption tool called WanaKiwi. Am sure you have been expecting that to happen.

Who can use WanaKey and Where can I download WanaKiwi

First of all….am sure you noticed me calling this app….WanaKey, WanaKiwi, well that’s no mistake by an intern. This app can be called either names….WanaKey is the older version, while WanaKiwi was recently released to tackle Wanacry.

WanaKiwi is compatible with Windows XP, Vista, 7, Server 2003, and Server 2008, and can run using the command prompt. If your system is affected by the WanaCry Ransomeware, follow the download link below to download the decryption tool kit.

Where can you download it? The link is right below…..??????

Download WanaKiwi.exe Here

And now am feeling like the boss


Now we can safely say… hell you WanaCry

Before I take all accolades, this useful tool was created by security researcher Benjamin Delpy.

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