Does Google Rank Blogger Higher Than WordPress? 


Does Google Rank Blogger Higher Than WordPress

Here is a post which is going to give you to answer to the question if Google ranks Blogger higher than WordPress on their search engine.

This is a question most bloggers ask when they want to begin a website, one will like to know if it is best to go with WordPress or Blogger which are the two top blogging platforms today.

We have seen so many post on why one should either stick to Blogger or WordPress, but in truth both are awesome platforms with their own flaws.

If you want sonething technical then you should opt in for WordPress, if you want a site that does the job and come cheap (free), then you should opt in for Blogger

There are so many other unique reasons to choose any of the two top platforms in the world today, but this post is not about that.

You want to know if Google gives preference to Blogger over WordPress. Personally, I can understand your suspicion, as you feel Google might want to promote their own product, but you should also put into account that it wouldn’t be fair and is going to make Google search less credible.

My take is, the web platform has nothing inherently to do with the page ranking on search engines. Page ranking is due mostly to content quality, links, and algorithm evaluation by the search engines.

This means any website on Blogger or WordPress, can rank higher or lower based on a lot of different variables.

Though Blogger does have a few small advantages, namely that;

  1. When you create a site in Blogger it is immediately added to their index and starts being added into Google’s search index.
  2. Blogger is hosted on Google’s own Content Distribution Network (CDN), so it has some speed advantages.

That’s my own view, and I might just be wrong, what’s your take on this topic?

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