Do this before 11:59pm today to stop your SIM cards from being blocked – Bashir Ahmad warns

Bashir Ahmad special assistant to president Muhammadu Buhari has warned everyone of what they can do to their SIM cards before the end of today. The directory had come from the federal government that all SIM cards in Nigeria must be registered with our national identification number in Nigeria. Failure to do this would lead to our SIM cards being blocked.

Just now, Bashir Ahmad had warned the people on what they can do to stop their SIM cards from being blocked tonight. The federal government of Nigeria had given ultimatum and had said that all SIM cards that are not registered before the end of today would be permanently blocked. This could be dangerous especially for people who are using their SIMs for online banking.

The problem now is for those who do not have the national identification number. NIMC had refused to work so people can get their national identification number. As Bashir Ahmad had given the code for registration of national identification number,what would happen to those who do not have at all?