Checkout Diamond Bank (Access) Salary Structure 2019


Checkout Diamond Bank (Access) Salary Structure 2019 kikiotolu

Diamond Bank is a young bank when compared to banks like First Bank. The bank has since been acquired by Access Bank.

The bank has a growing user base. Diamond Bank (Access) is one of the few banks paying its staffs fat salaries. The bank pays some of its workers millions on monthly basis.

How Much Does Diamond Bank (Access) Pay Its Graduate Trainees?

Just as every other bank across the country does, after employment, graduate trainees have to go through training. This training will last for months between 2 – 10 months. During this training period, the trainee will be paid N80,000 every month.

How Much Does Diamond Bank (Access) Pay Its Entry Level Staffs?

After graduating from the training, you become a full staff, and occupy the position of an entry level staff. Diamond Bank pays its entry level staffs a good salary of N240,000 per month. This handsome monthly salary amounts to N2,880,000 per annum.

How Much Does Diamond Bank (Access) Pay Its Loan Officers?

Diamond Bank is however not a place for lazy people. You must work hard to get promoted. If you work hard and become a loan officer, you will be rewarded with a more handsome salary. Loan officers at Diamond Bank get paid N1,128,000 per month. Yes that’s really cool. This is an equivalent of N13,536,000 per annum.

How Much Does Diamond Bank (Access) Pay Its Credit Analysts?

Becoming a credit analyst at Diamond Bank is even more difficult. The bank pays a lot of money, so you have to prove yourself worthwhile. If you however become a credit analyst, you will surely be rewarded with a fatter salary. Diamond Bank pays its credit analysts N1,272,000 per month. The monthly salary amounts to N15,264,000 per annum.

How Much Does Diamond Bank (Access) Pay Its Branch Managers?

Just as everyone knows, branch mangers are always the king. Branch mangers at Diamond Bank get paid heavy salary, and are also offered a lot of allowances. Branch managers at Diamond Bank receive N1,440,000 per month. This salary is the same as N17,280,000 per annum.

Here comes the end of this article, “Checkout Diamond Bank (Access) Salary Structure 2019.” Diamond Bank is a great place to work in, but you also have to work hard in order to climb up the ranks in the bank.

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