Denrele Edun opens up on his love life as he turns 40 soon

Denrele Edun interview

Television host and entertainer, Denrele Edun is about to clock 40 in 2021, single and yet so energetic in nature.
In a recent interview, the number one crazy guy in Nigeria’s showbiz says he is still searching for a wife and wouldn’t mind being a baby-daddy if that is his only way of having children that he loves so much.

“One kid is okay for me. Nigeria is expensive. Having children in Nigeria is extremely expensive. I drop cap for you all that have three. I will focus my energy on one child, maximum two children. I am not saying that children are not the best gift from God but they are expensive. I will want the best for my kids because I always want the best for my friends’ kids.”

“If possible, I’ll just want to be a baby daddy. I’ll just tell the lady to give me the baby and go and enjoy herself. I will take it from there. I don’t mind being a baby daddy. I will be one of the best father figures in the world. The child will not remember he or she has a mother,” he told Newtelegraph.

When asked if there is a lady waiting to give us the Denrele baby, he said ”I am not even searching anymore because this searching is too much. They keep saying that your life partner is around the corner. I have gone to that corner and there is nobody there. I am tired they should come out of the corner. I am not searching anymore. I am single and not ready to mingle. I just pray to God to let it happen.”