Davido’s lawyer Bobo Ajuda says Chioma blocked him On three different occasions

Davido’s lawyer Bobo Ajuda has shared an insight into what happened to his relationship with the singer’s fiancee Chioma. 

Ajuda hosted a question-and-answer session on his Instagram and encouraged his followers to ask him anything. 

A follower asked Ajuda why Davido’s Chioma blocked him on social media and he noted that she has blocked him two to three times likes that before.

He said: 

“She’s blocked me before like 2 to 3 times. We argue a lot but I come with brother/sister relationship. She’s legit like a sister to me (when we are not fighting). This particular one, I’m not sure. Let’s hope I find out soon. 

“The funny thing is whenever we fight and I report to David, he’s like ‘I beg you people shouldn’t involve me in your wahala. Sha find way settle am, she’s your younger sister.”