Dancers!!! Breakdancing Has Been Added As An Official Olympic Sport

Breakdancing has officially been added as an Olympic sport for the 2024 games which are to be held in Paris.

While you can’t deny that breakdancing is far from easy – is it really a sport?

The decision was confirmed by the International Olympic Committee on Monday (7 December) in a bid to attract a younger audience.

Breakdancing proved a success at the 2018 Youth Olympics in Buenos Aires, Argentina, which was when it was proposed.

When the games come to Paris, the dance-offs will take place at a downtown venue alongside sport climbing and 3v3 basketball.

Other new sports to have been added include sport climbing, surfing and skateboarding – all of which would have made their debut at this year’s Tokyo Olympics, which has been postponed to next year in light of the ongoing health crisis, reported Sky News.

British breakdancer Karam Singh is pleased with the recent decision to include the style of dancing in the Olympics.

Speaking to BBC Sport he said, ‘It’s going to be great for breaking as it gives us more recognition as a sport. And for the Olympics, it will attract young people who may not follow some of the traditional sports.’

Speaking about the decision, Logan ‘Logistx’ Edra, 17, told Sky: “It can resonate with a lot of people because hip-hop culture resonates with a lot of people, hip-hop music resonates with a lot of people.

“It being in the Olympics, it makes sense that people would refer to it as (a sport) but I think one thing for the breaking community is we want to make sure that it’s not known as just a sport but an art, a sport, a culture.”

Meanwhile, squash player Michelle Martin isn’t as pleased with the decision, especially as a campaign for squash to be included in the Olympics was denied.

Discussing the matter, as per The Guardian, she said:

You just look at the whole thing and you just go, ‘Where’s the Olympics going?’ I know some people say breakdancing’s a sport but… I don’t understand. The Olympics was all about a score, or it was a running race.

There was a definitive answer and results to sports. You bring in all these judging things and it just gets so corrupt and so out of control. I just don’t get it anymore.