Crying child begs dad not to call police on black man (Video)


Crying child begs dad not to call police on black man (Video) kikiotolu

When would people stop being racist? A crying child has been spotted in a video begging his dad not to call the police on a black man, who did nothing wrong.

Well, the only crime of the black man (who didn’t appear in the video), was waiting for a friend in a lobby.

It seems to be turning into a trend of late. The weird act of white people calling the cops on black people, for doing nothing wrong. Or rather still, we are just getting massive awareness on it.

This time, 35-years-old Wesly Michel was waiting for his friend at an apartment building in San Francisco, only to be tagged a ‘trespasser’ by a white father.

The pair began to talk, and the child of the man, can be heard telling his father: “Dad, don’t. Please go.” The boy says: “Daddy go. It’s the better; I agree with him, daddy.”

The man had said Mr Michel should get his friend to come down and collect him using the call box, while Mr Michel says that the father would be the “next person on TV”.

“Listen to your son, walk away,” Mr Michel says. “I will stop this. I will stop the recording.”

Mr Michel’s friend appears to come from outside the building, with the child pleading for himself and his father to leave.

“Told you. Let’s go now,” the young boy says and begins pulling the adult. “Daddy, look what you’ve gotten us into. Let’s go!”

The man asks for confirmation that the resident is Mr Michel’s friend and ends his call with police after saying that Mr Michel is “actually here with a resident”.

In a statement to CNN

Mr Michel in a statement with CNN said that the incident mirrors the experience that African-Americans endure daily. He also stated that he videotaped the incident so as to protect himself incase the police gets involved.

Mr Michel said that “ultimately everyone wants to be seen for who they are and not prejudged”.

Watch the video below;

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