COVID-19: 4 things to do to avoid the risk of infection

Even though the infection risk is certainly high, it doesn’t mean you have to be scared. As long as you follow certain basic preventive measures and practice safety right from the start, you can guarantee yourself good health. Here is a list of safety measures, backed by the Centre of Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) which will help you stay safe from symptoms of flu and Novel Coronavirus.
1. Protect your hands
It’s very easy to catch the flu or another virus if you touch an object or surface that was touched by someone contagious.

With any flu symptoms, it is important to practice basic preventive measures. Wash your hands frequently, and be very sure to sanitize and disinfect the areas you come in contact with, including all the doorknobs, surfaces, phones and handles.
2. Do not rely on surgical masks alone
There’s a lot of misinformation surrounding the disease’s spread and what a lot of people think is that using surgical masks can prevent and cut down infection risk. This is not true.

Medical masks can also reduce the risk of infection but not act as the best form of prevention. If you must, doctors advise you to use a high-grade surgical mask like the N95 one, which can come in handy.

3. Boost your immune system
There are currently no vaccines against severe coronavirus, so boosting the immune system by way of diet, regular exercise, and sleep are sensible measures

4. Maintain social distance
The idea of social distancing is to separate everyone enough so that the chain of infectivity is broken.
Right now, we don’t have any vaccine or antiviral medication to treat COVID-19 if people do get the disease, so what we do is try to keep people away from one another and try to keep it from spreading in a variety of ways.

It’s essential to realize that a good immune system isn’t necessarily going to keep the virus out of our bodies.However, it can reduce the severity.

Stay home and stay safe
This too shall pass…

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