College Life – Top 7 Interesting Facts

​College life is something most dream about. Full of new things and adventures, this is a door in a completely new, almost adult life. College life could be something really perfect for analysis essay topic list top 90 of bright ideas for writing.

There are many things to write about such as:

  • Interesting events
  • Unusual students & teachers
  • College life
  • Special features

Here are top 7 interesting facts about colleges.

Deep Spring College – Special College

Deep Spring College, California, is a kind of a community college. Students here live on a college campus but they almost do not pay for it. Instead, they have to work. They can do ordinary jobs, such as cook, cleaner, butcher. It is not surprising that the college, with just around 30 students, is the smallest institution of such kind in the world.

After a two-years study, the students get higher education. Even though they can continue their studies there, most of the students prefer to leave for another college or university.

How High Will the Price for Textbooks Go?

Education is supposed to be free in many countries if the student is smart enough to get a scholarship. Though, there are always details. In case with education, such detail is the cost of textbooks. Statistical data show that during last 30 years the cost of textbooks has grown immensely – by 812%! That is higher than the main expenses, such as healthcare, even higher than the tuition fee itself!

Reasons? They are very usual ones. All market is controlled just by a few publishers. Nobody tells they are bad, but lack of competition has never been good for any market. Moreover, students don’t have much choice.

Education in Norway is Free

Norway is one of the most expensive countries in the world. Especially high are the prices for gas and oil, even though the country has good oil reserves. Looks like the greedy government doesn’t want to subsidize fuel. Though, the things are slightly different. Norway makes it wiser. Instead of subsidizing rich oil companies, the government invests in free education. Starting from kindergarten and up to university, your child can learn and study for free, or, rather the state will pay for his/her education.

Working During College Time

23% of full-time students work. Most parents and students believe that working during college harms studying. Low scores, lack of time, stress – just to name a few results of combining work and full-time study. Though, the life shows that students who work during college are more organized, more responsible and success-oriented. Moreover, earning some money for college expenses is a good reason enough, isn’t it?

Bright Idea to Raise Money for College

Any ideas on how to pay for study? Some students-to-be work, some take a loan, for some, their parents pay. Though, a student from England came up with a very original idea: he developed a website, for 1,000,000 pixels. Guess why? To sell the space on the website! Very cheap actually, just 1 USD per pixel. Now, the most exciting part follows: he sold it out within less than half of the year! We believe, he earned much more than was needed for study, didn’t he? Anyway, good ideas deserve to be well-paid.

Nuclear Reactor in College

Oregon, Reed college. There would be nothing too special about it if not one thing: a nuclear reactor. The real one, that works on 58 zirconium/uranium fuel. You may wonder who the reactor operators are? Students, of course. Though, not all of them, but those only who have a special license and passed a special written and oral exam. Nuclear engineering department? Come on, it does not exist. By the way, one more interesting fact about this college vs. reactor – the reactor has more female operators than other reactors in the world… taken together.

Fictive Student

George P. Burdell, or rather William Edgar, could probably film a bestseller, the best fiction story of all times. Just imagine: the guy got two enrolment forms from a university. Anybody would think what to choose, but not this guy! He chose both! William Edgar created a fictional student, George P. Burdell, who has been attending studies, taking an active part in the college life and even getting numerous awards from the college. Then, bachelor degree, master`s degree followed… the story had a long tail, but all that was about an invented person.

Many more things can be added, as college is a life experience, especially if it is a good college. Though, the most interesting we have mentioned!

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