Nigerian Poetry: Before I Self Destruct (psycho)

Checkout This Lovely Nigerian Poetry_ Before I Self Destruct (psycho) kikiotolu

Here is a Nigerian Poetry titled, Before I Self Destruct (psycho) written by JigsawKillah. Am sure you are going to enjoy it.

Immune to the pains of heartbreak; I prided myself
Weed would take it all away, I lied to myself
My emotions drown me in waves, I’m crying for help
I died and was reborn: a psycho you’d create

Went on a heartbreaking spree, never felt remorse
Till it became more of an habit, then I fell in love
Couldn’t tell her how I feel, fear I’d treat her worse
I am an emotionless robot, a psycho you’d made

Early morning sex, that’s a nice day
Heavy drugs we wrecks, sticking my vein
Then we clubbing next, every Friday
Look at how I become, the psycho you’d craved

Never been this angry in ages, I sought out to rob
Hanging with the meanest faces, so I could feel among
Wasted and making people wasted, I don’t feel it’s wrong
As I wear this balaclava, I hope the psycho would fade

I picture the one I love, I am unworthy of her
I stay frowning like a job; her strength is her smile
I’m a destructive meteor; she radiates as a star
If you ever read this, I’m a psycho you’d changed


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