How to get car insurance fast in Nigeria 2019

How to get car insurance fast in Nigeria 2019 kikiotolu

Here is the easiest guide on how to get a car insurance fast in Nigeria this year 2019.

As you should know by now, car insurance, like any other insurance cover, is used to protect the individual and cover any financial loss which may occur from operating regular motor vehicles such as, cars, buses, motorcycles, etc, and special vehicle types like tractors, road rollers, excavators, etc.

Is car insurance compulsory in Nigeria?

Also, an auto insurance certificate is a compulsory document for all vehicle owners to have in Nigeria. So if you want to be law abiding and want to free of hitches while travelling in Nigeria, then you need to get your car insurance today.

How to get a proper car insurance in Nigeria

Below are the steps you need to follow to get a proper car insurance in Nigeria this 2019.


  1. Research and Contact Insurance Companies in Nigeria: You will have to do a simple Google search on naicom.gov.ng (website of the regulatory agency for insurance companies in Nigeria, National Insurance Commission-NAICOM), to get a comprehensive list of registered companies that are currently in business.
  2. Choose a Type of Auto Insurance
  3. An annual premium between N5,000 and N10,000 will be charged on this policy depending on the type of vehicle.
  4. To buy comprehensive insurance for your vehicle, most insurance companies in Nigeria will charge between 4-5% of the total value of the vehicle for a one-year period.

Though, buying a third party insurance is the minimum legal requirement, a comprehensive insurance cover is an important investment for any motorist who does not want to be faced with unforeseen expenses for his/her vehicle an

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