Special Business Development Package Nigeria

KikioTolu Solutions special business development package offers entrepreneurs a company website, profile and logo at the cost of N200,000.

The benefits of having your company profile, website and brand identity is limitless, reason we have decided to make this affordable for every business owner.

At a bargain of N200,000, we will offer you a full business website, company profile and logo design.

special package web design company profile logo kikiotolu solutions

what you get

This special package covers the development of your company profile and also the design of your website. For business owners yet to get a logo designed for their company, we will also offer this service for free.

We also ensure that your project is ready within 7 working days, the fastest delivery time for the level of quality you get on the completed job.

Modern businesses require the support of a digital partner to assist them in tapping into lucrative online channels. We ensure this transition is smooth, taking the whole technical burden, enabling clients to focus on their business operations.

We ensure smooth execution of contracts within agreed timeframe. 

Why Choose Us

Our team capacity to complete projects, and build valuable relationship with clients has made us stand out.

We have the capacity and neccesary experience to takeon your project and can guarantee success.

Website designed by KikioTolu Solutions are not only pleasing aesthetically, but they are also useful, and serve a positive purpose to the progress of your business.

In this digital age, there is more reason to have a website than to not, as it ensures your business is up to the latest trend.

kikiotolu solutions Why Choose Us

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