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Bundesliga return is ‘risky’ says FIFPro General Secretary Jonas Baer-Hoffmann

Other leagues, in the Netherlands and France, have already ended prematurely, and Baer-Hoffmann concedes the perceived success of Germany’s restart could have profound implications for whether other leagues follow suit.

“They are the first ones, so of course, you have many questions in your head,” said Baer-Hoffmann, the global players’ union FIFPro’s General Secretary.

“I think we also have to be honest that the success or failure of this protocol has a certain degree of bad or good luck attached to it.
FIFPro General Secretary Jonas Baer-Hoffmann has admitted the return of the Bundesliga is a calculated risk and whether it is successful will rely on chance.

The German government gave the green-light for football in the country to return on May 16, becoming the first major European league to confirm their resumption after the coronavirus shutdown.
Maybe nobody gets infected and that would be considered a success.

“But that may have to do with nobody engaging with somebody in broader society who’s carrying the virus and therefore not carrying it into the team environment.”

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