Buju biography: Age, songs, net worth, rise to prominence in Nigeria[Biography of the hottest Artist in Nigeria]

Nigerian artists always deliver amazing music, and the new star, Buju, is not an exception, as he has already won a lot of hearts all over the country with his unforgettable tunes. What is so interesting about this young musician?

Buju Nigeria
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The artist has become a viral sensation and has continued establishing himself as a promising Nigerian music star.

Today, many people talk about the story of his success, and his songs continue getting even more popular day by day.

Profile summary

  • Full name: Daniel Benson
  • Stage name: BujuToyourEars (shortened to Buju)
  • Age: 22 years old
  • Nationality: Nigerian
  • Birthplace: Akwa Ibom State, Nigeria
  • Occupation: Singer, songwriter, pianist
  • Instruments: Vocals, piano
  • Years active: 2018 – present
  • Label: Spaceship Records
  • Instagram: @bujutoyourears

Buju biography

This artist’s biography is a hugely motivating success story. He went from being a simple Akwa Ibom boy to a popular singer in a matter of months.

Buju Nigerian artist spent his childhood years in Gbagada, with his family later moving away to Ogun State. His young years were fairly normal, and he had an interest in music since he was little.

His mother tragically passed away from cancer. Before her death, she spoke Yoruba to his son, which helped him learn the language. 

Buju started writing music when he was in junior secondary school. At the time, he called himself Drizzle but later changed his stage name to Buju.

He started out rapping and ended up joining the choir. With time, he began performing solo at valedictory services and carried his passion on to the university.

For a while, he stopped playing music, as he kept comparing himself to other talented people and felt that they were better than him. He spent some time refining his style and getting inspired by influences like Burna Boy, Buju Banton, Damian Marley, and J Hus.

While he was still at university, Buju had an IT job, which he strongly disliked. He felt that writing and performing music was his calling as opposed to the work he had to do.

One day, he came up with his stage name, which is inspired by Jamaican recording artist Buju Banton. He gave special meaning to the name by coining the acronym – Beauty Underneath Just Understood.

Buju biography
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After that, he finally decided to chase music. In February 2018, he released his first record, “Catch a Vibe”.

His second record was called “A Day in Lagos”, whose music video was recorded on a boat. This creative choice was completely unplanned, as the idea came to Buju and his team while on a canoe trip.

The musician describes his sound as a representation of the afro-fusion genre. He considers Burna Boy to be the most diverse artist that he is familiar with.

In the past, he listened to Burna Boy a lot, and eventually, he got a chance to meet him in person and collaborate with him. Together, they worked on the remix of “L’Enu”.

Another famous artist that Buju has worked with is Zlatan. At first, he did not believe he could secure such a music giant for one of his songs, but his friends kept pushing him to reach out to him.

Zlatan noticed the young talent and decided to collaborate with him. They created “Spiritual”, which went on to be an incredibly successful hit and went viral on multiple streaming platforms.

On April 16, 2020, Burna Boy’s record label, Spaceship Records, announced the signing of Buju, making him the third act to be signed to the label after Burna Boy and Burna Boy’s sister Nissi Ogulu.

Buju age

It is unknown when exactly this Nigerian artist was born, as his biographical data is difficult to obtain online. Still, it is known that Buju’s age is 22 years, and he is already so successful at such a young age.

Buju songs

In 2019, Buju released an EP, “To Your Ears”.

Buju songs
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Some of the hits that this new musician is known for include:

  • “Energy”
  • “Mind games”
  • “L’Enu”
  • “Ohema” (featuring TMXO)
  • “Balance it”
  • “Catch a vibe”
  • “Commander”
  • “Spiritual”
  • “L’Enu (Remix)” (featuring Burna Boy)
  • “Spiritual (Remix)”

Buju net worth

The net worth of Buju Nigeria is not yet known. Perhaps, with time, it will be revealed.

Buju is a viral sensation and one of Nigeria’s freshest music acts. Although he is young, he has the potential to become one of the greatest Nigerian stars.