Biography of Flavour: Top Things You Did Not Know About Him

flavour biographyHere is the biography of top Nigerian musicians Flavour N’abania plus top things you didn’t know about him. This post is set to gives Nigerians the much needed info about this red hot musician.

Name: Chinedu Izuchukwu Okoli
Date of Birth: 23rd November 1983
State of Origin: Enugu State, Nigeria
Occupation: Singer, songwriter, multi-instrumentalist and performer

Let’s go into the biography of this top performer and things you never knew about him in full.

Chinedu Okoli began his music career at his local church as a drummer in Enugu state at the age of 13 when he started playing drums for his church choir in Enugu.

In the year 1996, Flavour through the influence of his local church pastor got connected with the owner of soundcity communications, a music company of repute with the passion to train young Nigerians in the art of music making, performance and others basics. Flavour N’abania was fortunate enough to earn a scholarship to train and learn the basics of music while at Soundcity communications.

In 1999, Flavour N’abania moved on from playing the drums and started playing the keyboard with the determination to become a professional in the future. He also used to provide backing vocals for other musicians at SoundCity, that was before he rose to stardom actually.

When he started singing professionally, he moved from Enugu state to Lagos. Flavour met with resistance at home at the beginning of his music career but his dream and passion for music kept him going and he didn’t give up on his career , Flavour has climbed to the apex of NIgerian music Scene to become one of the richest Nigerian Musicians and is loved by almost every Nigerian who has come in contact with his musical works.

Flavour N’abania became popular when he released his second album titled “Uplifted”. The album was released by Lolhiphop records based in south Africa, which included popular tracks “Nwa Baby” a remix of “Ashawo” and “Adamma” which translates as Daughter of beauty in Igbo language. Flavour N’abania mostly uses his local dialect, the Igbo language in most of his songs.

Top 5 Things You Never Knew About Flavour

1. Flavour N’abalia has a daughter with Sandra Okagbue, named Gabrielle

2. Flavour also has a daughter with Ex-beauty Queen and actress Anna Ebiere Banner named Sophia.

3. He began his music career in a church

4. Flavour N’abania is the first son of a family of four children and seven half brothers and sisters.

5. He started playing at the age 13.

There you have it on “Biography of Flavour: Top Things You Did Not Know About Him.” I hope you found this post helpful.

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