Biography and net worth of Emmanuel Macron: All you need to know about France youngest president

French President Emmanuel Macron delivers a speech to present his strategy to fight separatism, on October 2, 2020 in Les Mureaux, outside Paris. (Photo by Ludovic MARIN / POOL / AFP)


Here is a post which is going to give you the full biography and of Emmanuel Macron, who is the incumbent President of France. He is not just the President of French Republic but also the Co-Prince of Andorra and the youngest president of France since Louis-Napoleon Bonaparte (Napoleon III).

  • Full Name: Emmanuel Jean-Michel Frédéric Macron
  • Date of Birth: December 21, 1977
  • Place of Birth: Amiens, France
  • Net Worth: 31.5 million dollars
  • Occupation: President of France

Full Biography of Emmanuel Macron

To begin with, Emmanuel Jean-Michel Frédéric Macron was born on the 21st of December, 1977, in Amiens, France. The eldest child of two doctors, he distinguished himself with his intellect at an early age, displaying an aptitude for literature, politics and theater. He is the only member of his immediate family who didn’t pursue a career in medicine.

He had his high school education at the prestigious Lycée Henri IV in Paris, after that, he went on to study philosophy at Nanterre University and public affairs at Sciences Po, before graduating from the elite École Nationale d’Administration in the year 2004.

After graduation, he was employed with the French Finance Ministry as an inspector. Forging powerful connections, he was tapped by President Nicolas Sarkozy in 2007 to join the bipartisan Attali Commission on economic growth.

The following year, Macron left civil service for the world of investment banking at Rothschild & Co. Again demonstrating a capacity for quick learning, he rose through the ranks to become managing director, earning renown for his role in advising Nestlé’s $12 billion acquisition of a division of Pfizer in 2012.

Having already developed a relationship with Socialist Party leader François Hollande, Macron became deputy secretary-general at the Elysée when Hollande was elected France’s president in 2012. Tasked with economic and financial matters, he handled an early challenge by helping to broker a compromise with Germany over the ongoing eurozone crisis.

In 2014, Macron was named France’s minister of economy, industry and digital data. The following year, he formulated a collection of deregulatory measures to aid the economy, but after some 200 hours of parliamentary debates, the government invoked a little-used clause to bypass the chamber and ram through what became known as “Macron’s Law.”

Reportedly disillusioned with the governmental procedure, and said to be at increasing odds with Hollande, Macron in 2016 formed a new centrist party called En Marche!

After he announced that he was stepping down from his role as economy minister in August 2016, Macron announced November that same year that he was going run for the presidential election the following year. Aided by favorable media coverage and the stumbles of more experienced opponents, the 39-year-old surged to the front of the polls. The conclusion of the first round of voting on April 23 saw him finish first, ahead of Marine Le Pen of the National Front, marking the first time since the formation of the French Fifth Republic in 1958 that none of the traditional right-left parties were represented in the final round.

The presidential runoff presented a stark contrast for the electorate, with Macron espousing free trade and a strong European Union and Le Pen seizing the tide of nationalism that had swept her once controversial party into the mainstream.

Macron has drawn attention for his romantic life: While attending high school in Amiens, he fell in love with his drama teacher, Brigitte Trogneux, 24 years his senior and then a married mother of three. Their affair was put on hold when he left for Paris, but they eventually resumed their romance and married in 2007.

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