Top 10 Best/Highest Paying Companies in Ghana – (2021 Update)

Here is a post which is going to give you the top 10 best/highest paying companies in Ghana this year 2021. This post is set to help you know more about this top companies in the country.

So you want to know more about the best jobs and companies in Ghana this 2021? Then this is the right post for you.

We at KikioTolu have decided to setup this post so as to help those who have been in search of job, and will like to work with the best. Without any further delay, let’s go straight into this list.

Top 10 Best/Highest paying jobs in Ghana this year 2021

10. Toyota Ghana Limited: Finally on this list is Toyota Ghana Limited as we draw a close to our compilation of the top 10 best highest paying companies to work for in Ghana today. Why Toyota Ghana Limited? Cars have been the fab to replace the chariots and horses of the dark and middle ages. Toyota Ghana limited has well worked with this fab and staked up millions in the infamous brand Toyota from the Japanese the number one economy in the world. Why work in the car industry? Why not? Horses will not return to the fab and cars are here to stay.

9. Jospong Group of Companies: With a huge stake in printing and publishing Jospong has worked hard to stand in its place. Printing and publishing is a well re-known business for making a statement, sending a message and driving sales sky high. Furthermore, Jospong has spread its arms into other high stakes industries; health, oil, construction, property management to name a few. If you are looking to make a statement then this is the place to be.

8. Enterprise Life Insurance Company Limited: Insurance has always assured us that all your expensive, well invested, can’t live without assets are safe, and they do so by making sure certain tragic accidents that could happen are covered for financially. And this companies make big money today. Enterprise Life Insurance has done well in this sector staking itself in Marines, Fire, Motor and Car accidents. And they pay their staffs pretty well, so working with them is no bad idea.

7. Rlg Communications: Rlg is well stocked in the telecommunications industry and is giving Ghana a run for their cash. Communication is vital for any relationship to prosper (casual or professional) and is a basic necessity for human prosperity. If you are looking to make it big as a professional then this is one of the best companies in Ghana you should not over-look.

6. Intercontinental Bank Ghana: The banking industry is big in Ghana today, and you must sure smell rotten foul play if one of the top players do not appear on this list of the top 10 highest paying companies in Ghana this 2021.

5. Antrak Group of companies: Antrak is a giant in transport infrastructure in Africa, and plays a huge role in shipping, trucking and stevedore with its cargo terminal in Tema. Dr Alhaji a well renowned philanthropist and business mogul is the man behind the Antrak. The good thing about all of this is that they take good care of their staffs.

4. Citizen Kofi Entertainment Centre: Leisure is considered a place for the urban society where you work from 8-5, Monday through Friday then relax yourself in the ambiance of freedom and stress-free life. They are one of the top players in Ghana today.

3. Kencity Media: Media is a mighty buck that we all pay a small dollar for. Nonetheless, Kencity Media has invested in online media through its subsidiary Oman FM 107.1 in Accra Ghana. That aside, they are responsible for what you read in the National Agenda Newspaper. The man behind all this is Mr Kennedy Agyapong, and they sure do take good care of their staffs.

2. Ashanti Goldfields: The second spot of this 2021 top 10 list of the best paying companies in Ghana goes to Ashanti Goldfields. As we all know, gold is one of the most long lasting metals in the world. Since 1897, Ashanti Goldfields has invested in this precious metal and to date are one of the largest gold producers in the world. So working with them is sure to be an hotcake.

1. Regimanuel Gray Group: On the top of this list of the top paying companies in Ghana is Regimanuel Gray Group led by Mr Emmanuel KwasiBotchwey. Under him this company has without a doubt invested into the hearts of the elite and affluent society, they have extensively invested in mining (Bessblock Concrete Products Limited) and hospitality (Desjoyaux Ghana Limited) in Ghana and neighboring African countries (Sierra Leone).

I must assure you that getting a job with any of the above listed companies in Ghana today, is surely a hotcake. Any young graduate in Ghana today, must be dreaming of working with any of this companies.

Before we put a close to this post, let’s have a quick view at the list of companies that made it here.

List of the top 10 highest paying companies in Ghana 2021

  1. Regimanuel Gray Group
  2. Ashanti Goldfields
  3. Kencity Media
  4. Citizen Kofi Entertainment Centre
  5. Antrak Group of companies
  6. Intercontinental Bank Ghana
  7. Rlg Communications
  8. Enterprise Life Insurance Company Limited
  9. Jospong Group of Companies
  10. Toyota Ghana Limited

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