Atiku dumps Igbo wife Jennifer Douglas, weds Moroccan lover

The former Vice President Atiku Abubakar has reportedly found a new trophy wife of Morrocan origin and dumped his one time favorite and prominent wife, Jamilah Jennifer Douglas.

The People’s Gazette reports that back in the days when Jennifer held sway as the most favoured wife, she had the world at her feet; she got her wishes at the snap of a finger and she literally ruled the household.

She, it was, that slept and woke with the former president. Wherever he went, the petite but stunning beauty was constantly by his side. She basked in the stratospheric adulation that came with being the apple of the Atiku’s eyes. Pray, who wouldn’t?

But as it is constant with everything in life, change occurred. While Jennifer is still her beautiful self, her utopian role as the woman who titillates and tends to every need of the powerful politician; the woman who ensures he never lacks attention and excitement, dwindled. So besotted with the Moroccan new wife, is Atiku that he does not let her out of his sight for too long else he would be lovelorn and forlorn.

However, Jennifer  has excused herself from her matrimonial home, seething about her husband’s decision to take a fourth wife, she has yet to file for divorce and it was yet unclear whether or not she planned to do so.

Although  Douglas-Abubakar only recently relocated to London from their family homes in Abuja and Dubai, she has mulled her husband’s action and its consequences since Mr. Abubakar first introduced his new wife to the family in 2017, sources said. He married the Morrocan that year and in 2018 they welcomed their first son together.

The relationship has been kept entirely from the public, going under public radar even as Mr. Abubakar sought presidency as the major contender against President Muhammadu Buhari in 2019.

“Many people have become too used to his suave appearance that they often forget that he is a devout Muslim,” a family source said under anonymity to comment on Mr. Abubakar’s personal concerns.

“His faith allows him to take four wives or even more and we all know he has the financial and intellectual ability to elevate all his wives and children.”

Mr. Abubakar’s other wives have been more accepting of the Moroccan new wife than Mrs. Douglas-Abubakar, whom sources said was considered to be the worst hit by the development.

“She saw it as a let down because of the special level of care she had been receiving from the former vice-president,” a family source said. “She just felt the Moroccan woman had arrived to take her place.”

Our sources said Mrs. Douglas-Abubakar was expected to get over the matter since the Moroccan wife has been at home for three years and their new son has already clocked two.

A seasoned attorney of Igbo extraction, Mrs. Jennifer Abubakar has long been renowned for her critical roles in her husband’s political and vast business interests.

It was widely believed that her devotion to her husband’s success informed her alleged involvement in suspicious movement of funds on his behalf, which culminated in her indictment by the U.S. Senate’s Committee on Homeland Security and Government Affairs a decade ago.

The Anambra-born lawyer has since denied the scandalous allegations, dismissing them as a fruitless expedition of her husband’s political detractors.