Assault: A$AP Rocky arrested in Sweden after brawl

Assault_ A$AP Rocky arrested in Sweden after brawl kikiotolu

A$AP Rocky has been arrested in Sweden on suspected assault charges, after a street brawl which saw a man beaten and cut with a broken bottle.

According to Stockholm police, the US rapper, whose real name is Rakim Mayers, was involved in the altercation outside a burger restaurant late on Sunday evening, and is currently facing serious charges. He was arrested on suspicion of aggravated assault.

Footage published by celebrity gossip website TMZ earlier this week showed a man resembling Mayers throwing a person to the ground before he and a group of men punched and kicked the victim in the head.

Witnesses stated that the fight started because the man was hounding A$AP and his team over a pair of headphones he claimed they had broken.

A$AP Rocky later posted a nearly 3-minute long video which showed the man had actually broken his headphones when he smashed them on the head of A$AP’s bodyguard. Even after that clear first shot was taken, Rocky is seen on camera playing peacemaker, trying to calm the situation.

It appears the fight erupted several minutes later when the man continued to hound A$AP and co., and after a woman claimed the man had groped her butt.

Stockholm cops can now hold Rocky for up to 3 days while prosecutors determine whether to charge him. If they do, he’s looking at the possibility of up to 6 years in a Swedish prison.

The Public Prosecutor’s Office said four people from the rapers entourage are suspected of involvement in the assault, including Rocky himself.

Prosecutor Fredrik Karlsson said:

“They had the intention to leave the country quite soon and if they leave the country there could be a risk that we would not be able to get them convicted if they had done this crime.”

”He has been kicked,” a police spokesperson said of the victim. ”He also have cuts on both of his arms. It is caused by some type of object, but not a knife.”

We’re told 3 other people were also arrested, 2 on suspicion of aggravated assault, and 1 for suspicion of assault.