As a police officer’s son, Laycon speaks on #EndSARS

As a child of a former police officer on one hand and a youth on the other hand, Big Brother Naija season 5 winner, Lagos  has expressed his thoughts on the #EndSARS movement and his several encounter with SARS officials, considering that they usually target youths who wear dreadlocks.

He told Punch, “I have had multiple experiences with men of the Special Anti-Robbery Squad and I have friends who have also been involved with them on several occasions.
Regardless of whether my dad was a police officer or not, what is bad does not have any other name. The fact is that people who are charged with protecting the youth are doing the opposite of what they are meant to do. I believe the #EndSARS movement should be looked into (by the authorities). It is something that should not be happening in this country. We all see the videos of such attacks on youths and we hear about the experiences of different people. What about the incidents we don’t hear about? It is definitely something that should be worked on.

 I cannot single out any particular experience with SARS as being the worst because any incident whereby the people that are supposed to protect one are the persons attacking one cannot be palatable. Even if it has to do with them stopping one’s car and talking to one in a manner they should not; that is a bad experience. In my opinion, no experience is worse than the other.”

On why he identify himself as a sexual enthusiast, Laycon says, “That is how I have always being. It basically means I am enthusiastic about sexual conversations. I love to talk about sex and learn about it, while also being moderate about it. I respect people’s opinions when it comes to that kind of conversation because not everybody is the same way I am. No, I am not promiscuous. That is not what being a sex enthusiast means.”