A President once proposed to me – Juliet Ibrahim

A President once proposed to me - Juliet Ibrahim kikiotolu

Popular Ghanaian actress, Juliet Ibrahim has in a recent interview revealed that a President once proposed to her.

She made this known while speaking on BBC Pidgin’s ‘Question Till Mouth Pain You’ show.

Juliet Ibrahim during the show, spoke about some ‘Behind the Scene’ acting moments, her love life and some challenges she faced in the past before getting a spot in the entertainment industry.

She revealed that her weirdest moment on set was when a movie director got an erection while on set with her. (That must really have been an awkward one)

Juliet Ibrahim revealed the movie director held her hand after she walked past him and asked her to ‘look at what she is doing to him’, which according to her that was when she saw the erection.

She also said the strangest rumour she has been roped into was dating Chris Brown though she admitted he is her celebrity crush.

On the biggest public figure that has asked her out, Juliet Ibrahim said it’s a President but never revealed his country.

Juliet Ibrahim used to date Nigerian rapper Iceberg Slim, but they parted on a rather not-to-good note, followed by a series of bashing on the internet.

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