What is Neymar’s net worth and how much does the Barcelona star earn?

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neymar says watch red bull street style on red bull tv - What is Neymar's net worth and how much does the Barcelona star earn?

Here is a post which is going to give you the full details of the Net worth and Salary of Barcelona star attacker Neymar Jr. This 25 year old footballer is already among the richest and most marketable footballers in the world. 
Neymar joined Barcelona in the year 2013 as the world most in-deand player. Neymar was able to sign a lucrative contract then which h has renewed recently and till date his transfer to Barcelona still leaves a bitter taste in the mouth of rivals.

We all know that the young Brazilian starlet has the potential to become one of the best footballers in the history of football and also one of the richest. But let’s look out how he fares at the moment.

How Much Does Neymar Earn in Barcelona 2017?

For those who are in search of information on the current earnings of the Barcelona star, we are here to give you accurate information on that.
 Neymar landed a deal worth over €300,000 (£260,000) a week when he renewed his contract with Barcelona last year. This contract has now extended his stay at Camp Nou until 2021.

How Much is Neymar Worth This 2017?

You want to know how much Neymar Jr is currently worth? Here we go…

  • It is currently estimated that Neymar has a net worth of £80m.

This figure is substantially less than Messi and Ronaldo for now but when we put the age of the Barcelona starlet into consideration we must agree that he has really amassed a lot of wealth for himself.

What other Business apart from football is Neymar into?

Most of footballers today have other businesses in which they invest their money. This is wise of them as they make a lot of money from football and investing somewhere else for the money to grow rather than spending lavishly is a bright idea. 

Neymar Jr is one of those footballers who have some other side businesses​ to support their football. He is a partner in a company called NN Consultoria along with his mother Nadine Goncalves. That was initially set up to grow the profile and brand of Neymar himself but has since expanded to take on another clients such as Olympic gold medallist Thiago Braz and Santos’ latest hot prospect Arthur Gomes. 

There you have it on this post “What is Neymar’s net worth and how much does the Barcelona star earn?” I hope you found this article informative. Kindly check back for more.

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