Top 5 Best App To Download For Quick Loans In Nigeria 2018


Checkout the top 5 Best App To Download For Quick Loans In Nigeria this 2018. Download Apps That Give Loans In Nigeria Without Collateral Fast – Borrow From Personal Lenders or Companies At Lowest Rates with ease.

Let’s go straight into the list of the top 5 best applications for quick loans in Nigeria this 2018.

1. Paylater: This is a leading microlending platform in Nigeria that offers up to N10,000 to its BVN-registered applicant, payable within 30 days. Paylater is designed in a way that members who pay back loan promptly enjoy a high loan advance on their next request. The need for BVN ensures that information provided by the user matches the data on the central system. Its really easy to use.

Download Paylater here and enjoy the loan benefits

2. KiaKia Loan: This is a direct and peer-to-peer loan platform that provides credit to credible borrowers who earn income every month – from personal business or employment.

Visit KiaKia Loan now to enjoy

3. C24: This is also similar to KiaKia loan, as C24 extends personal or group loan to individuals in paid employment through technology. C24 boast of the paperless application as all request are processed and approved online at a low-interest rate with flexible repayment terms.

Visit C24 now to enjoy

4. Lidya: Taking the number 4 spot on this list of the top 5 best app to download for quick loan in Nigeria is Lidya. This firm promise to offer online unsecured loan ranging from $500 – $15,000 to its users without collateral. The platform is owned by Ex-Jumia co-founder, Kehinde who is focused on helping small business owners easily access loan in just three steps.

Visit Lidya now to enjoy their service

5. Aella Credit:

If you think borrowing short term personal loan from banks is stressful, try Aella Credit, an organised financial technology startup that promise to eliminate the standard of loan application.

Download Aella Credit now

There you have it on this list and I believe you must have found it helpful.

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