The bridge: The story of my friend and I


We both lived side by side in ogbomoso for few years. We were great friends.

One day, a foolish argument caused a rift between us. This was the first serious disagreement we both had in our 4years of friendship.

Up until that day, we always share pleasant moments together, shared knowledge and lent a helping hand to one another in times of need.

The fight began over a small misunderstanding, which can sometimes happen, but the dispute dragged on and became an angry exchange of words, following by months of silence and malice.

One day, my wife asked of him from me and demand we end our differences. I got angry and shuddered it away. I told her I don’t want to have anything to do with him again.

My wife thought quietly to herself for few minutes, looking at me and eventually said “I see”

Days later, she rang me in the evening while she was returning from work as a surprise to meet her In a ‘casual restaurant with varied menu’. I was glad that she was taking me out for dinner.

I got there. It was a lovely place. At the same time, my friend happened to had showed up too at the same place and same time.

I was looking around in search of where my wife was seated when we both beamed each other. In few seconds; He walked to me, and embrace me.

He said: “You’re something special. Inviting me here after all I have said and done”.

I was speechless as I was emotional; wondering what he meant by “inviting him over”. But I didn’t place much concern in those words as I felt I had missed something. I missed him.

He was braver than I am, stronger and wiser to break and destroy the “wall” between us.

While we were hugging. I saw my wife standing just there at the entry.

As we both looked at her, she wanted to walk away when we both said ” Please stay”

She’d informed him to meet me at the restaurant using my phone the previous day and deleting the message sent.

She built the bridge and destroyed the wall.

We often let anger push us away from our loved ones, and allow pride to come before our love. Don’t let it happen to you. Learn to forgive and appreciate what you have.

The past cannot be changed; but the future can be. No quarrel can spoil a true connection.

Written by: Oluwanishola Akeju

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